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West Coaster Julie Adams meets Native New Englander Michael Costello in this synergistic guitar and vocal duo.  Currently based in Oregon, they perform and record together regularly, bringing a unique blend of visceral song writing and soulful performing.

Meeting at a Lucinda Williams concert in Boston, Massachusetts was an interesting start to this musical couple's journey.  Combining Costello's love of roots music along with Adams' strong draw to driving rhythms, this pair creates a unique sound which comes alive during their fast attack studio sessions and live performances.  

Costello, a roots blues rock veteran, grew up playing in Boston, Mass clubs, writing songs since he was 12.  His earlier band Razor's Edge saw success opening for such big acts as Jimmy Cliff and Buddy Guy.    

Michael Costello, when teamed with Julie Adams, produces a full range of sounds and emotional storylines which are explored in their recent work.  

Julie's latest songwriting ventures combined with her exciting live performances have been turning the heads of soulfully minded music-goers.  

About the album:

“Adams & Costello Meet the World”  is their first soul-rock full band sound.  They get back to their Adams & Costello roots/songwriting style with emotional themes about love, loss, fiery angst, waning humanity, and songs reflecting these troubled times. “Meet the World” is an 11 song album,  6 songs written by Michael F. Costello who delivers visceral, authentic vocal tracks, and stirring, soulful electric lead guitar.  5 songs written by Julie Adams who’s powerful and passionate voice gives vocal performances that ring out, along with acoustic & elec rhythm guitars.  They collaborated with Evan Jiroudek, who’s expressive drumming and percussion, drives and grounds the sound, along with Wes Wahrmund on bass, who’s deep, unique, ripping bass stylings soar through the lower registers.  This album was a year in the making from conception to completion.  The songwriting evolved over time, and was largely inspired by life events and circumstances that led to deep emotions.  Many different sounds and feelings are explored on this album from hard rocking songs like “Judgement Day”  to bittersweet, heart wrenching, soul-grooves like “Don’t Let Me Go”, and “Tenderly”, and some local flavor makes it into the album on the song “On the Big River”.   Evan Jiroudek was instrumental in tracking the rhythm section and mixing the record.  The album was mastered in Boston, Mass. with Ryan Adams at Juniper Street Recording.  Adams & Costello released “Rise Up”, a song with a unifying message and a funky groove,  inspired by social angst, in June of 2018 as an early single from  the album “Adams & Costello Meet the World”,  There’s a little something for everyone on this album."


Their first album, "You Better Believe It"  is a stripped down, unplugged, bare bones, intimate experience done with two acoustic guitars, live,  with one to two take sessions.   

Adams and Costello's video "Invincible", from the You Better Believe It album, celebrates the journey and struggle to care for Julie's Dad in the last years of his life, while capturing the rugged beauty of Cannon Beach, Oregon.   

In their recent live performances,

Adams and Costello branch out to a more electric and eclectic rich bluesy soulful rock-americana sound.  As a duo, their passion for making music together is palpable in their songwriting, and their meshing of sounds is a musical force.    

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