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Adams & Costello

Meet the World 



Release 8/18

Adams & Costello's  third album...and first one with a full-band sound.  Indie Soul Rock -11 songs packing a punch filled with love, loss, angst, humanity and songs reflecting these troubled times.   There's something for everyone here.

Written by Julie Adams & Michael Costello


Julie Adams: Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Michael Costello: Vocals/Lead and rhythm Acoustic/Elec Guitars

Wes Wahrmund: Bass

Evan Jiroudek: Drums/percussion

Dinah Urell: Background Vocals

Produced by: Julie Adams, Evan Jiroudek

"Rise Up" 
 Single from Adams & Costello 
Meet the World
Release 6/18

Rise Up is a soul rock groove...,uplifting, written as a 70s street anthem for the people with a dash of wah wah and a visceral rhythm.  Inspired by troubled times because we believe there is power in the people.  


Julie Adams: Vocals/Guitar

Michael Costello: Elec and Acoustic Guitars

Wes Wahrmund: Bass

Evan Jiroudek: Drums and of course cowbell

Dinah Urell: Background Vocals

Song written by: Julie Adams


This unique project is a "Musical Postcard" about Cannon Beach, Oregon. An album inspired by living the Cannon Beach experience, some historical events, and the raw, rugged beauty of the area.

Nine original songs written by Michael F. Costello. 
Produced by Julie Adams in Cannon Beach, OR at Shabby Road West Studios.

Thanks to the help of these amazing musicians and people for helping make this come to life. 
Wes Wahrmund: Elec. Bass, Hand Percussion.
Lawrence Aldred: Drums, 
Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Adams in Boston, Mass. at Juniper Street Recording. 

Michael Costello: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Lead Vocals

Julie Adams: Acoustic Guitars, Background Vocals. 


"Invincible"  - (Official Music Video)
Adams and Costello

"Here it is! So excited to share this music video for Adams and Costello...Amazing experience to have made this, so grateful.
 I was inspired to write this song after a life changing experience I had when I was caring for my Dad in the last years of his life. One day in the hospital, I faced an opponent who tried to overpower the rights of an older sick man....he forced me to find my voice to save my Dad's life....and i found it then. The song has since evolved and applies to many situations where oppression and tranformation are present for all of us." - Julie Adams

Thank you to ProntoVision Productions for the amazing work and dedication to the story.


In this first effort, Adams & Costello strip down to bare bones to capture the essence of their soulful, intimate, acoustic live performances.  Live takes with two acoustic guitars.

Album Credits:

Vocals and Acoustic Guitars:

Julie Adams/Michael Costello

All songs written and copywritten by Julie Adams and Michael Costello.   

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