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 "Yes this great duo will be in the Wine Bar Friday night. Julie and Mike always put on a great show. Michael coming from the Boston area knows the St. Patrick's day craziness that happens on the Irish High Holy Day!!
Here's two Irish quotes I really love:  “It is often that a person’s mouth broke his nose.” and the other is “It is often that a person’s mouth broke his nose.” 

-John Sowa - Owner Sweet Basil

"Adams and Costello’s album You Better Believe It, is a luscious treat that satisfies from start to finish. From their lively anthem Invincible to Adams’s sensually raw vocals on Wild Baby to Costello’s deep velvety singing on I Know a Woman, the whole album is one long love letter to life, love and music over the backdrop of an acoustic guitar."

-Heather Douglas-   

KMUN Music Programmer, & Writer

"Occasionally that bright star appears on the horizon and in this instance it’s the team of Adams and Costello.  Their insightful and keen weaving of the lyric into some great guitar playing captures your interest and embeds their message in a manner not to be missed.  From Michael’s “Where’d the Money Go” to Julie’s “Trouble” their songwriting is captivating and definitive."

-Paul Dueber-

Founding member Thistle & Rose

Music Event Organizer

House Concert Host

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